Thursday, January 22, 2009

Exciting stuff for the 2009 growing season!

Things are already getting going at the Bryan Family Farm. It's hard to believe that with temperatures below zero last week that it would already be time to be planning and planting for the 2009 season, but it is! Part of that planning is knowing how much to plant and that partially depends on you...

This year, we are pleased to offer a new way to serve our loyal customers: through participation in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Globalization has done incredible things for worldwide food distribution and added variety and plentiful supply to our markets and dinner tables. However, there are tremendous benefits to knowing where your food comes from. Locally grown food tastes better, comes to the consumer fresher (picked ripe and usually within hours of the sale instead of unripe several weeks before eating) and is often richer in nutrients because the food is allowed to ripen fully prior to harvest (rather than picked “green” and shipped to your supermarket) and usually grown using safer practices.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great way for consumers to create a relationship with your favorite farm. Consumers make a financial commitment to the farm and in return receive a bounty of produce each week of the contracted season. Supporters become "shareholders" of the farm, and the farm provides them with the best pick of the harvest each week. Knowing your farmer will give you the confidence you need to know you’re providing your family with the safest and most nutritious food possible. It just makes sense to know where your food comes from!

At the Bryan Family Farm, we provide our shareholders with twenty weeks of fresh, delicious, and wholesome vegetables and fruits using tried-and-true organic growing processes. Produce varies in amount and selection throughout the year according to the natural growing season. At the Bryan Family Farm, we specialize in heirloom cherry tomatoes (we grew 15 different varieties in 2008!) and blackberries. In addition we grow radishes, carrots, green onions, peas, green beans, potatoes, summer squash, tomatoes, peppers, and more! Due to the unpredictability of nature, we cannot guarantee any specific item or customize individual subscriptions. A full-share is typically right for a family of four for a week, but everyone is different in their eating habits so this is only a guideline. Too much? Share the bounty with a friend! Too little? We’re always glad to add to your order at fair market prices.

Our CSA offers several options to suit our customers’ interests and needs. You can order a full share or half share depending on your family’s appetite. Farm-fresh, free-range chicken eggs are available for an additional $2.50 per dozen for our shareholders, only ($4.00 for non-shareholders). Organically raised meat may also be available. Our shareholders will be our priority customers, and will receive the best from our gardens each week. We are committed to providing you the most nutritious and delicious food possible. Feel free to contact us for more information (; 402-533-4464).

CSA: Bryan Family Farm (20 weeks: May 23-October 3)

Each share will include ripe and ready vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Eggs will be available at an additional charge. The 2009 season will run from May 23 – October 3, and on-farm pickup is part of the experience (although we’d be happy to meet you at Village Pointe on Saturday morning or UNMC on Monday!).

If working the land sounds like your cup of tea, we’d love to have your help for various projects we have going on at all times of the year. You will enjoy the benefits of seeing where your food comes from and feel a deeper connection to your food and the land!

At the end of the season, be sure to join us for our Harvest Festival on October 10!

Contact Information: David & Sarah Bryan
CSA Details:
Season: May 23 through October 3 (20 weeks)
Type: multiple farm support
Since: 2009
# of Shares: 10 (or 20 half shares)
Full Share: $500/yr
1/2 Share: $300/yr
Work Req? Optional
Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Bryan Family Farm – M-F, by appointment
Contact: David & Sarah Bryan
Phone: 402.533.4464
Address: 6971 County Road P39
Fort Calhoun, NE 68023

Village Pointe Farmer's Market – Saturday morning only
Member's pick up their shares between 8-12 on Saturday's at the
Bryan Family Farm booth at the Villages Pointe Farmer's Market

Address: 170th & Burke street (just south of Dodge)
Omaha, NE 68118

UNMC – Mondays @ 10am
Address: UNMC – DOC West Atrium (1st Floor)

Bryan Family Farm CSA Enrollment Form:
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________ E-mail: _________________________________________

I would like to order a: My preferred pick-up point is:
□ Full Share □ Bryan Family Farm (by appt)
□ Half Share □ Village Pointe Farmer’s Market (Sat 8-12:30)
□ UNMC – Monday morning only
□ 1 Dozen Eggs every week - additional $50 for the full season
□ 1 Dozen Eggs odd weeks only - additional $25 for the full season
□ 1 Jar of Jelly, Jam, or Butter per month - additional $20 for the full season

Total: ___________________

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It's that time of year, again! The holidays are upon us and the Bryan Family Farm is open for pie orders! Get your orders in early for the best pie you and your family will ever eat! Please have your Thanksgiving Pie order in by Friday, November 21. Pies will be delivered Wednesday, November 26, unless otherwise arranged.

Variety & Cost*
Apple $10.00
Pecan $10.50
Red Raspberry $13.00
Blackberry $12.00
Blueberry $11.50
Cherry $10.00
Coconut Cream $10.00
Vanilla Cream $9.00
Chocolate Cream $10.00
Lemon Meringue $10.00
Banana Cream $10.00
Peanut Butter $11.00
Key Lime $10.50

Cheesecakes serve 12-16 and come with 1 can Cherry topping
New York Style Cheesecake $16.00
Creamy-Dreamy Cheesecake $16.00

*Delivery to UNO, UNMC, or within five miles of my home are free. All other deliveries will accrue a $2 delivery charge.

Memories of Summer on the farm!

Picking apples

The biggest threat to our garden - but still fun to watch (this is taken from the bathroom window of the house!)

A broad view of the garden

An Armenian cucumber. Really big, but really delicious!

Black Cherry Tomatoes (top) and Red Fig Tomatoes (middle and bottom) - two of the 15 varieties of cherry tomato we grew this year...

Farmer Dave harvesting his bounty!

Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Asparagus growing for a good crop next year!

Tess's Land-Race Currant tomatoes - my favorite!

Red-hot Chili Peppers

Black Beauty Eggplant

More apples and pears than we knew what to do with. Some got canned. Some got eaten. And some got offered up to the garden gods as an offering for a plentiful harvest next season!

A plethora of peppers!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bryan Family Farm has gone blogging!

Welcome to the "FARMily" - the BRYAN FAMILY FARM's newest way to find out what's happening with your favorite, local family farm! Here you'll find out our latest offerings, news from the farm regarding expansion, activities and anything else pertinent to eating well, eating local, and supporting local family farms in general.

Want to place an order? Click the link and send us an e-mail. Have a suggestion of something you would like, but don't see offered? Let us know! We're here to serve you and will be glad to grow it for you!