Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Memories of Summer on the farm!

Picking apples

The biggest threat to our garden - but still fun to watch (this is taken from the bathroom window of the house!)

A broad view of the garden

An Armenian cucumber. Really big, but really delicious!

Black Cherry Tomatoes (top) and Red Fig Tomatoes (middle and bottom) - two of the 15 varieties of cherry tomato we grew this year...

Farmer Dave harvesting his bounty!

Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Asparagus growing for a good crop next year!

Tess's Land-Race Currant tomatoes - my favorite!

Red-hot Chili Peppers

Black Beauty Eggplant

More apples and pears than we knew what to do with. Some got canned. Some got eaten. And some got offered up to the garden gods as an offering for a plentiful harvest next season!

A plethora of peppers!

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